The Machinima Universe is the universe that all the Hip With Today machinima films and series take place in. It is divided into two separate universes, the Original Universe and the New Universe.

Original Universe Edit

The Original Universe contains all of the Hip With Today machinima before 2014 with the exception of the Rise of Demons remake and The Chronicles of Wesker franchise. This is made apparent through cameos and jokes. For example: in Black Hydra, one of Steve's friends is Mr. Bill from The Hunt for Revenge and half-way through the series Mr. Bill has to leave the CIA because of a "family death" referencing the death of his brother at the hands of the Sasquatch.

New Universe Edit

The New Universe officially started with the Nintendo World Reboot and includes the Rise of Demons remake and The Chronicles of Wesker franchise. This is the current canonical universe for the new machinima including XenoHeist and the upcoming (Chain)SAW remake. The New Universe is first referenced in the second episode of the Nintendo World Reboot when Luigi says "Can you imagine a universe where we didn't talk at all? Instead subtitles would appear and people would have to read them." This is also a shout out to the Original Universe as well as the original Nintendo World series.

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